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The way to recycle

Banzo designs, manufactures, installs and maintains recycling plants. It is our goal to improve the quality and economic feasibility of recycling through modern and complete facilities that help cities and regions to process waste and create resources, in the Netherlands and throughout the world.

We believe in post-separation, because capacity will prove to be one of the decisive factors in achieving these ambitious goals. The growth of large cities, the lack of storage at waste disposal sites, and reduced transportation mileage together point to post-separation as the best solution. Especially, when we can realize up to 96% pure mono-streams.

Banzo is specialized in seperation plants for various products:

  • Household waste
  • Plastics
  • Source separated materials
  • Wet Organic Fraction
  • Construction, demolition and bulky¬†household waste

Recycling is about enhancement, about creating additional value. Both municipal solid waste and source-separated materials need post-separation to be reprocessed into raw material. Banzo specializes in installations for subsequent separation.