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Arrêts pour maintenance corrective

Our service team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to immediately solve production defects.

Our response time is under two hours within a radius of 100 kilometers from Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. For international service, please contact us for more information. Our service consists of experienced and knowledgeable people that are always standing by, day and night. With short waiting times and direct contact with qualified people, everything is designed to remedy unwanted downtime as quickly as possible.

Our service department is equipped with its own mobile workshop to assist you in mechanical maintenance and mechanical failures.

Problems to be solved

The basic service: immediate faults or defect resolution. We are true to our word – we have technicians who are ready to turn, cut, weld and maintain service flexibility for implementation, and to repair all possible mechanical maintenance issues related to transport systems. You will always get what you expect of us – a deal is a deal.

Thanks to our mobile workshop, we have the right tools to make repairs on-site. In our workshop, we can overhaul machinery parts and we quickly evaluate parts and components. Thanks to our economy of scale, we have a large network of suppliers, and we can move quickly when it replacement parts are needed. When we discover deeper, complex problems, our engineers are ready to step in immediately. This is the versatile and unique power of Banzo.